Go ahead and challenge your skills and take your knowledge to the fullest.

Put your business skills to the test while taking your know-how to the absolute next level.

About us

Our platform looks to change the way students acquire and apply knowledge/concepts/information, be it at a high school, college, or graduate level. We aim to create a powerful entrepreneurial culture, helping each and every participant overcome the fear of starting a business
It is no secret that now, more than ever, young people receive constant stimulation from new technologies, making it a challenge for education looking to compete with the distraction that all this entails. Desafiar offers a direct solution to this problem, through the concept of "gamification", aspiring to teach through playing. Set in a business competition scenario, Desafiar INSTILLS concentration; commitment; and motivation IN its participants, optimizing the learning process

What are its main perks?


You will be able to play on different devices thanks to the adaptability of our platform.
Our platform's portability will allow you to play on multiple devices


Play against your friends. All the decisions that are made in the platform are inter-related, co-exisiting and therefore affecting the same competitive market.


The game's difficulty level depends on the participants' CHARACTERISTICS.

Social networks

Desafiar is present in all social networks.

What other perks are there?

Theoretical-practical training

Complement the theoretical-practical training received by conventional methods, strengthening the knowledge acquired.

Acquisition of experience

Gaining experience in decision-making without ASSUMING the risks associated with real-life business situations entail.

Puesto a prueba

Manage "with ease " the concepts and management techniques most used in decision-making processes.


Understanding the existing relationship between the different ACTIVITIES and the variety of areas within the company.


Analyzing the consequences of your team's decisions through the immediate effect of its actions.

Time management

The opportunity to learn from your mistakes and acquire knowledge on managing your time effectively.

Let's play!

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Main Features

Our platforms allow the interrelations of all the decisions of each of the participating teams as companies in the same market, generating together with an intuitive interface a dynamic and entertaining experience, where the participants will only focus on what is important, given that the financial reports and ratios are calculated automatically.

Our Packages

High School

Desafiar for the High School Level It is a learning management platform through our business simulators. In a playful and dynamic way, students test their knowledge and develop teamwork skills. The package includes a virtual teacher of the Desafiar team.

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University and Postgraduate Programs

Students can live an entrepreneurial experience, developing their management skills and teamwork. There are two modalities: online and face-to-face, and allows the use of the software freely for the teacher.

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Innovative event aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship, POTENCIANDO NETWORKING and helping participants overcome the fear of starting new projects. According to a recent INFORME from the FOR ECONOMICO MUNDIAL, 3 out of every 4 job positions currently occupied by humans will be replaced by some sort of machine, robot or artificial intelligence.


Training package for employees in order to improve the scope of work and interrelate the areas. It offers the possibility to simulate your industry. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), 80% of nascent companies do not reach an "age of maturity" or consolidation and disappear in a short time.

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